Long Distance Moving Services for Denver Metro Area

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Gentle Hands Moving LLC must be your primary choice when looking for a long-distance moving service provider! We offer our customers long-distance moving solutions that are both affordable and dependable. To guarantee that your move is accomplished correctly, our crew will work thoroughly with you to attain a stress-free action plan.

Information about preparations, scheduling, or fees is always available with our moving specialists. A portion of our long-distance moving service includes packing, unpacking, assembly, disassembly, particular transit, storage services, removal and packaging of debris, Etc.

Gentle Hands Moving LLC is one of the best long-distance moving companies in the Denver Metro Area. We offer free moving quotes for long-distance moves that can save you a lot. Call us at (720) 638-9495 or use our free moving estimate form!


A long-distance move normally involves crossing state lines and can be from 100 to 1,000 miles! The experts at Gentle Hands Moving LLC will make your long-distance move nonstop, transporting your property from point A to point B securely and efficiently. You can trust our experienced moving professionals to make your move to or from the Denver area a memorable experience!


Are you moving from Denver to Grand Junction? Living in a state as large as Colorado, moving from one end to the other, can mean long hours on the highway. Our crew’s proficiency will make your long-distance, in-state move a breeze. We are dedicated to providing top-quality moving services and giving you the attention you deserve.


At Gentle Hands Moving LLC, we work with the client’s viewpoint that comes first. Whether you are relocating a business or home, one of our moving experts will visit your property for an in-person discussion and estimate.

You can then review our complete list of services from our residential and commercial moving company to determine which is a great fit for your move.

Our interstate movers offer:

  • Free in-home estimates.
  • Full-service packing.
  • Furniture and specialized moving.
  • Custom crating.
  • Short and long-term storage.


We’ve understood and got it all when it comes to moving our customers over long distances. So that’s why we’ve put together roughly the most common queries we obtain from customers preparing for a long-distance move, just like you!
How do I box for a long-distance move?
The most vital portion of packing for a long-distance move is ensuring that your personal belongings are contained within well-made boxes and safe for the long drive. Gentle Hands Moving LLC offers top packing materials, and our crew will pack your stuff for you to make sure they are securely packed, loaded, and unpacked upon arrival. We use the best boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape labels, and dollies to ensure you arrive at your new household with all of your items unharmed.
Will your long-distance movers relocate my pets and plants?
Some plants may be relocated safe and sound, and we will endorse your furry buddies to stay with you in your car. That will let you offer them necessities such as food, water, medications, treats, and a relaxed carrier.
When should I start preparing for my long-distance move?
It’s never too early to start preparing for your move. Begin by making lists, decluttering your household, finishing your change-of-address form, or knowing some entertaining info about your new town.
Is there any stuff I cannot pack when moving long distances?
We will comprehensively list excluded items, including perishables, aerosols, propane cylinders, and paint. This will allow us to achieve a safe and well-organized long-distance move for you.
How far do I need to plan my long-distance moving services?
If you’re planning your long-distance move for late spring or early summer, as soon as possible, the better! Allowing for two months’ notice is perfect since we can typically lodge your chosen moving day and schedule your personal team of movers. If you are moving during the winter, a month’s notice will be adequate time for us to plan a good moving experience for you!


Whether you’re moving a couple of states over or across the country, trust our Denver Metro Area movers to assist you in getting there. Using the latest moving skills with a perfect system, our expert professionals are trained in undertaking any size long-distance move. Remember to check reviews and ask about discounts to understand why we’re a popular and trusted moving company.

Call us at (720) 638-9495 for a free, no-commitment quote for your future long-distance move to or from Denver, CO.