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Top Moving Company in Lakewood, CO

If you want to move your stuff with ease, then we are the company for you! We are movers you can rely on, whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move. We are ready to help you, whatever you want to move.

If you need movers or storage in Lakewood, look no further than Gentle Hands Moving. We are the best movers in Lakewood.

Lakewood Movers – The Affordable Ones

There are many companies offering moving services to commercial businesses, offices, large and small homes, and everything in between. To see our rates, check our rates here.

Lakewood Moving Company

If you need your home packed up and transported from Lakewood to anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, you can do that through the services of Gentle Hands Moving. They will take care of it.

Your house is full of valuable paintings and relics, which need to be moved into a new residential area. Gentle Hands Moving makes sure your move goes smoothly and easily.

Gentle Hands Moving are experts at home and office moves. We are a full service moving company. Our experienced packers, drivers, movers, and unloaders are highly qualified and offer excellent customer service. Get in touch today and we will help you with your move.

Moving With Lakewood Movers

If you are looking to move, we have the best movers for you. Our Lakewood movers are trained to handle delicate items such as computers and other sensitive technology. We are known for our top-quality business and office moving services.

Businesses are forced to move their space when their lease expires. They cannot afford to have downtime, so their top priority is to move their business quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Lakewood movers have all of the equipment and skills needed to ensure a smooth and efficient move. We are all trained to the highest level so you don’t have to worry about any details.

Lakewood Business Moving Company

Ma-and-Pops are often small businesses that need to move. They are often small businesses that are looking for a professional and reliable mover who can get the job done on time and at a reasonable price.

Business moves are very complex. They are not only big tasks but they require a lot of time and effort. Businesses need to be organized in order to make them run smoothly. This is where we come in to help you with your business moves.

We know how to face whatever challenges your move might bring. We are efficient, knowledgeable, and timely.

Reliable Seniors Moving Services

Seniors face a number of challenges when it comes to moving. When moving to a smaller home, moving into a healthcare facility, or moving into retirement homes, seniors will face more difficulties than a young adult moving from a large home into a small home. Gentle Hands Moving is an experienced and professional moving company that can make this transition as easy as possible for your Lakewood seniors.

We realize that extra care and understanding will be the most helpful for our seniors as we help them make this transition. Because we care so much for our Lakewood seniors, we also offer reduced pricing for them.

Moving Labor Only

You can find a number of movers in Lakewood that offer labor-only moving services. Our movers will be on hand to help you load and unload your belongings only.

Moving is never a pleasant experience. If you are in a situation where you need help with moving furniture, it is a good idea to hire a company who can provide you with all the equipment and materials you need for moving.


Packing Service – What is It?

Our Lakewood clients can get packing services if they request these services on a different day to the day of moving. We can also provide packing services on a separate day to moving services. If the client would like us to pack the items that we have packed, we can provide this service to our clients.

Why choose us for Lakewood Movers?

We are here to serve you. We are committed to providing you with the best moving services at the best price. If you are interested in the Lakewood moving services, contact our office or call us at (720) 638-9495